catching up - december 2018


If anyone is reading my blog, you probably would have noticed a bit of a gap since I last posted. Lots has happened since I last wrote, excuses include a new (but older) house meaning lots of things to fix, also a new job meaning lots of new things to learn and shiney tech to play and explore. 2019 looks like it’ll be even busier with (fingers crossed) a baby on the way.

This year has been mainly work to consolidate this blog, I have moved to a simplified platform. For those who may have noticed, I have ditched the heavy wordpress install and I am now hosting this on cloud with Hexo framework.

Hexo seems to be fairly light and simple to use, for those like me who use MarkDown everyday then it is great using what I already know. I will hopefully look at what it can do to make this site a little more interesting and perhaps do a bit of customisation. (I might even write a post about it!)

For now, I will simply enjoy the seasonal break and make a promise to write a little more often in the new year.