googles angular2 framework

programming/ javascript/ angular

Following from my playing around with Express, my learning in the last few weeks has been focused on the Angular2 framework provided by google. This is a coding framework designed to facilitate the building of front end web functionality and can be done using JavaScript or TypeScript. I found that this sits nicely on top of the Node engine. From my limited knowledge the older AngularJS simply brought in its functionality through javascript ran in browser.

To learn Angular2 I followed the typescript version of the ‘Tour of Heroes‘ tutorial available on the angular website. Following the tutorial there is a dropdown option on the side navigation menu to allow you to look at instructions in javascript but the tutorial is not available, hopefully this is something they plan on doing soon.

The output of my work can be found on my gitlab repo:

I found this a good tutorial to follow as it does try to explain the how the components breakdown to work together. The key aspects covered in each instructions is briefly explained and also links back to more detailed pages in the main documentation.

There are some key concepts in terms of how the angular2 code is compartmentalised. This mainly being the generation of modules, components. Each bringing in imports from the main npm library where the functionality is required. Components try to separate the app into sections where interaction can be controlled. The frameworks takes advantage of ES6 classes to allow users to organise code logic into an Object Orientated fashion.