hello world I am wildgooze


Welcome to WildGooze, and thank you for reading this first post for my blog. In this first post I will set out what this blog aims to achieve and why I have decided to start writing this blog.

Firstly, the name of WildGooze, it is little random? To be honest, there is nothing special about the name and it doesn’t have any particular meaning to me. This is just a domain name I picked up a long long time ago. My hope was that this would be catchy and memorable and hopefully by allowing you to read about it I have done just that (and you will come back and read more in the future). If not, I can only hope you come simple cross me again because of the useful content of my posts!

This blog is something I hope to build to demonstrate my growth as a full stack developer creating web applications. I have always believed that the best way to learn is by doing. With my playing and experimenting in web tech I can hopefully write about my experiences and share my learning with you.

I will be creating some personal projects in my main technologies of Java and Javascript, and writing about these here. I hope you come back for more in the future.